5TH Class Intermediate instructor’s diploma learning 14.5.2023 Review: Ba Duan Jin

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Junior instructor’s diploma learning 2023

Method: Correcting, practicing and answering questions


Goal: Improve the basic technic and ability. Learn further into the principle and application of each exercise. Know more about planning and implementing exercise program.


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第5次课 the fifth class 14 May 复习:强身健体⼋段锦
练习:养⽣太极掌第⼀套 三消九治功 强身健体
Review: Ba Duan Jin
Practice: 49 Dynamic Meridian Exercise,
DYYSG Yang Sheng Taiji Palm 1, DYYSG
Diabete Exercise, Ba Duan Jin

Each class is three hours starting at 10:00 Finnish time. Sign up and payment via

Requirements for Intermediate Instructor´s diploma is 5th Duan in DYKY and participating all the instructor classes.

If you don´t apply for Intermediate Instructor´s diploma you can choose all or some classes for reviewing the routines. Also you can get the Intermediate Instructor's diploma later if you pass 5th duan.

More information: Aki Korhonen, +358 40 5314163,

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If you have any questions, or problems please email or +358405314163 whatsapp/signal. Aki Korhonen.