2021 Courses timetable

April 24.-25., 4th Seminar, Seasonal training Spring-Liver. Sign up in process, available in Store.-

January 9.-10. 1st Seminar, Spleen and Stomach routine with Kangyangqiu-health balls

February 20.-21. 2nd Seminar, Laying the Foundations of Qigong

March 13.-14., 3nd Seminar, Auxiliary excercises, Warmup, Theory, How to apply Kangyangqiu-health balls.

June, 5th SeminarSeasonal training Summer-Heart

September, 6th Seminar, Seasonal training Autumn-Lungs

December, 7th Seminar,Seasonal training Winter-Kidneys

January 2022, 8th SeminarSeasonal training Earth element-Spleen and Stomach