2022 Courses timetable

Next seminars


  1. Health Qi Gong – Lower Blood Pressure 健身气功降压方
  2. Health Taichi Palm 养生太极掌
  3. 49 Meridian Dynamic Exercise 49式经络动功
  4. Baduanjin 强身健体八段锦
  5. Daoyin Yangsheng Gong – Diabetes routine, 三消九治功

On each day three hours of teaching.

1. Diabetes-routine, 3hrs and 4 days21,22,28,29 May
2. Health Taichi Palm, 3hrs and 5 days16,17,23,24,30 July
3. 49 Meridian Dynamic Exercise, 3hrs and 4 days8,9,15,16 October
4. Ba Duan Jin, 3hrs and 3 days10,17,18

More information: Aki Korhonen, +358 40 5314163, akikorh@gmail.com

Plan for junior instructor’s diploma learning 2022

Method: Correcting, practicing and answering questions


Goal: Improve the basic technic and ability. Learn further into the principle and application of each exercise. Know more about planning and implementing exercise program. 


第1次课 the first class13 Feb复习及练习:养生筑基功 下肢基本功 功前热身Review and practice: Fundamental Exercise, Dao Yin Lower-body Exercise and Warm-up Exercise 
第2次课 the second class20 Feb复习:春季疏肝方 Review:Spring Liver Exercise
第3次课 the third class5 Mar复习:夏季益心方Review:Summer Heart Exercise
第4次课 the fourth class6 Mar复习:秋季润肺方Review:Autumn Lung Exercise
第5次课 the fifth class27 Mar复习:冬季固肾方Review: Winter Kidney Exercise

Each class is three hours starting at 10:00 Finnish time. Sign up and payment via www.huxiaofeiacademy.com/store

Requirements for Junior Instructor´s diploma is 4th Duan in DYKY and participating all the classes.

If you don´t apply for Junior Instructor´s diploma you can choose all or some classes for reviewing the routines.

More information: Aki Korhonen, +358 40 5314163, akikorh@gmail.com

Past seminars

January 15.-16.1. 2022, 7th Seminar, Seasonal Kidneys – Water Element

January 9.-10.2021. 1st Seminar, Spleen and Stomach routine with Kangyangqiu-health balls

February 20.-21. 2nd Seminar, Laying the Foundations of Qigong

March 13.-14.2021., 3nd Seminar, Auxiliary excercises, Warmup, Theory, How to apply Kangyangqiu-health balls.

April 24.-25.2021., 4th Seminar, Seasonal training Spring-Liver.

June, 5th Seminar, 19.-20.6.2021
Seasonal training Summer-Heart. Awailable on Store.https://huxiaofeiacademy.com/store/Live-Online-courses-c83221025

October 23.-24.2021, 6th Seminar, Seasonal training Autumn-Lungs