HXF Daoyin Kangyang

Professor Hu Xiaofei´s Daoyin Kangyang – Daoyin Health Preservation – System

HXF Daoyin Kangyang, 胡晓飞导引康养, is a qigong-system created by prof. Hu Xiaofei. It is based on ancient and modern Daoyin (Qigong) exercises, Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern medicine, sports science and psychology. According to those principles and his own experience in teaching and practice he has developed a Self-exercise system to help people to improve health, prevent diseases, recuperate, recover and prolong life.

Daoyin Kangyang name first part Daoyin, is an old name of qigong. Kanyang means health. So the name can be understood, that this system includes various exercises for different purposes to choose like prescription or formula.

His Spleen and Stomach seminar online in 9.-10.1.2021 was the beginning to teach this system. During ongoing year 2021 there will be offered a series of seminars teaching internationally this system. The layout of the seminars will be systematic, starting from the basics and proceed according to the well organized plan.

Seminars will be two days, from Saturday to Sunday including a total 9 hours of teaching.

Overview of HXF Daoyin Kangyang – System

1. Basics
Basics are intended to give beginners a good foundation in healthy living and wellness and to lay out a good foundation to Daoyin, Qigong and the system of all health care exercises. The exercises include: various Basic training methods such as: basic footwork, Taiji- and Qigong Warmup, and other basic skills for posture, handforms, stretching, manipulating acupoints etc.

2. Four Seasons training by Five elements theory and internal organs
Four Season’s training is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of Five elements and their relation to Four Seasons. The theory is described in the Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classics, Huangdi Neijing, and the different characteristics of each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In every season there is correlation to different organs, Liver, Heart, Lungs and Kidneys, according to the Five Elements theory and there are different exercises for each season.

3. Symptoms based exercises
These exercises are designed to help in specific health problems, diseases and symptoms and to help to rehabilitate from various illnesses. It also includes exercises to difficult and chronic diseases such as cancer, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, second type diabetes, preventing the accidents of falling down due to poor balance etc.