Hu Xiaofei Daoyin Kangyang International School Duan-system

Hu Xiaofei Daoyin Kangyang International School Duan-system is now established.

One way to certify for Duan-grades is to participate 48 h of prof. Hu live-online courses and get 4th Duan.

Already this year has been two seminars. January, 1st seminar, Spleen and StomachFebruary, 2nd seminar, Laying the Foundations of Qigong.

The following seminars are:

March 13.-14, 3rd Seminar

April 24.-25, 4th Seminar

June, 5th SeminarSeasonal training Summer-Heart

September, 6th SeminarSeasonal training Autumn-Lungs

December, 7th SeminarSeasonal training Winter-Kidneys

January 2022, 8th SeminarSeasonal training Earth element-Spleen and Stomach

Enrollment to March and April seminar is open in the

Participitants will get a certificate of completition of each course. The certificates of the two held seminars are soon ready to be delivered!All are cordially welcome to join!

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