Prof. Hu Xiaofei seminar, Exercise for Eyes on 23.-24.3.2024

Hello everyone!

Third year of the International Daoyin Kangyang School starts at March when Prof. Hu Xiaofei teaches his routine for Eyes, 明目健身术, Míng mù jiàn shēn shù, on 23.-24.3 2024 weekend.

Course will be held online via Zoom.

You can sign in and pay via store:…/Daoyin-Kangyang-Excercise…

Both days are at 12-13 Helsinki time.

Total 6 hours, price 90 eur.

As usual the seminar recordings and seminar learning materials will be available later for participants.


Yours sincerely,

Aki Korhonen

Prof. Hu Xiaofei International School, organizer


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