RECORDED COURSE: 49-Movements Meridians Routine 8.-9. and 15.-16. October 2022

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1. 49-movements Meridian Routine

The 49-movement Meridian Exercise is one of the key exercises created by Professor Zhang Guangde of Beijing Sport University. It is designed for the prevention and postoperative rehabilitation of benign and malignant tumors and it have have certain effects, which can improve immunity, strengthen the body, and improve the quality of life after surgery.


The exercise consists of 4 parts:

1. 通经(基础), Tōng jīng, Opening the Channels

2.循行(关键), Xún xíng, Strolling

3.导气(根本), Dǎo qì , Guididing the Qi

4. 归元(动力), Guī yuán, Rehabilitation

The four parts are interconnected and promote each other, emphasizing the consentrantion to the acupoints and the circulation of the meridians

The functions of the 49-Meridian routine

1. Convergence of thoughts, meditation, and adjustment of the autonomic nervous system.

2. Promote circulation, improve blood vessels, and stimulate the microcirculation of limbs.

3. To be happy and to be at ease. Gain the awareness, which is like "a clear stream" with the benign guidance of verses and music.

Regocnization of the 49-style Meridian Routine:

The Journal of Beijing Sports University and Sports Science and Technology stated that the forty-nine types of meridian exercise have significant effects on enhancing physical fitness, improving cardiopulmonary function, enhancing immune system function, preventing cardiovascular disease and certain chronic diseases.

The paper "Forty-nine types of meridian exercise on improving human body's physiology, biochemistry and medical observation" was selected in the 11th Asian Games Science Conference in Beijing.

In 1992, the "Daoyin Health Gong" system with the 49-style meridian movement as the main content won the "Second Prize for Scientific Progress of the National Sports Commission" and was fully affirmed by experts and scholars.

Since its creation, the practice has been spread for nearly 50 years and has been well received by the public. It has developed into more than 60 countries and regions, and the number of people who practice regularly reaches nearly one million. Many patients get rid of their pain and gain a new life.

2. Difficult and miscellaneous diseases such as tumors and 49-style meridian movement

How to prevent and control difficult diseases such as tumors?

For this type of disease such as tumor and new coronary pneumonia, it has been recorded in traditional Chinese medicine literature for a long time.

Zhang Zhongjing described the difficulty of treating such diseases as "strange disease", "refractory" and "incurable". They all have a common feature: the etiology is unknown, and there is no symptomatic treatment.

Causes of these conditions:

1. Meridian obstruction, Qi stagnation and blood stasis The meridian blockage is the root cause of intractable diseases.

2. Weak constitution, qi and blood deficiency Decreased immunity is also an important cause of intractable diseases, so nourishing the innate (kidney) and conditioning the acquired (spleen) can prevent and regulate various intractable diseases.

3. Nervousness, lack of energy People with a negative attitude are more likely to suffer from intractable diseases "49 Types of Meridian Movement" is a body-building exercise prescription based on the principles of smoothing the meridians, regulating symptoms, improving psychology, and regulating immunity.

3. 49-style Meridian Routine: Principles of Prevention and Adjuvant Treatment of Difficult and Miscellaneous Diseases

1. Unblock the meridians and regulate Qi and blood Especially the smooth flow of the Lung Meridian and the Ren and Du Meridians.

2. Improve physical fitness, nourish qi and blood Improve physical fitness and improve cardiopulmonary function.

3. Regulate emotions and improve psychology Relax your mind and adjust your mind.

2. Nourishes kidney qi, strengthens spleen and stomach The kidney is the foundation of the innate, and the spleen is the foundation of the acquired

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Seminar days
8.-9.10.2022 Saturday-Sunday

15.-16.10.2022 Saturday-Sunday


N.B. These exercises are not meant to replace medical advices or treatment.

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