RECORDED SEMINAR: Baduanjin for Health course at 10.,17.-18.12

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Formed in the Song Dynasty (960–1279), Baduanjin is one of the "three classic systems" of ancient Chinese Daoyin, and it is unrivaled among traditional health exercises. Baduanjin is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory. It combines exercises of stretching tendons and pulling bones and breathing. It dredges meridians, regulates qi and blood, etc. It has been recorded in ancient books and confirmed by modern science. For hundreds of years it has made immense contributions to the health of the people to prevent various diseases. "Baduanjin for Strengthening the Body" is created and edited by Professor Hu Xiaofei. On the basis of Baduanjin, a classic traditional fitness technique, he introduced modern life science, medicine, anatomy and other methods to give this exercise great new connotations. Compared with other versions, this set of Baduanjin is simpler, easier to learn and more effective. It can help us to: regulate Qi and blood, coordinate the whole body, regulate the internal organs, clear the meridians, improve breathing and strengthen the heart and lungs. It also helps to achieve the unity of man and nature - the state of physical and mental harmony. Practicing "Ba Duan Jin" helps to strengthen the body, improve work efficiency and delay the aging process. It is one of the best fitness techniques for people to recuperate body and mind and to activate qi and blood before work or during rest every day.

90 eur. Couples and family with one price.

the Zoom- link will be sent to the participants via e-mail after your enrollment
by email and payment.

Seminar videos will be available after seminar to the participants.

All seminar days timetable is the following
10:00-13:00 teaching, UTC +3 (Helsinki time)

Seminar days
10.12.2022 Saturday

17.-18.12.2022 Saturday-Sunday


N.B. These exercises are not meant to replace medical advices or treatment.

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