Recorded course 16.-30.7.2022 Hu Xiaofei Taiji Health Palm 1

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Yangsheng/health Taiji Zhang/Palm is created by Professor Zhang Guangde of Beijing Sports University. The first set of Yangsheng Taiji Zhang is for strenghtening the heart and benefiting the lungs. It uses the means of dredging of the meridians, smoothening the blood circulation and collecting the essence of the sun and the moon. Its characteristics are turning, twisting, moving the tips of the hands and feets and slow and even circular movements.


1. Collecting qi, practicing qi and nourishing qi. The emphasis is on nourishing qi.

2. Emphazise twining and winding. In Yangsheng Taiji Zhang the rotation and twining of wrists and ankles, upper and lower limbs, waist and spine is used. This is aimed to stimulate source points and all meridians.

3. The mind and body are practiced together, and the emphasis is on training the mind: Health Taiji Palm emphasizes the combination of slow, even and deep abdominal breathing under the guidance of the "mind". At the same the internal organs, the four limbs and the bones be connected into a whole through the meridians.

4. Appearence and pose is comfortable in shape, unrestrained and elegant: "Pose" refers to a person's demeanor, appearance, and spiritual charm, which is free and easy. "Shape is comfort" refers to the shape structure of the action is stretched and generous, the mind is broad, and the joints are smooth. "Unrestrained" refers to a person's natural and generous manner, not pretentious or restrained. "Elegant" means that the movements are free and easy, light and agile, eclectic and distinctive.

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Seminar videos will be available after seminar to the participants.

All seminar days timetable is the following
10:00-13:00 teaching, UTC +3 (Helsinki time)

Seminar days
16.-17.7. Saturday-Sunday

23.-24.7. Saturday-Sunday

30.7. Saturday


N.B. These exercises are not meant to replace medical advices or treatment.

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