Online-seminar 20.-21.2.2021 Laying the Foundations of Qigong

Last weekend prof. Hu Xiaofei taught an online-seminar of Laying the Foundations of Qigong. There were over 40 people from around the Europe; Finland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherland, France, Belgium and UK. It was really wonderful to meet new and old friends and practice together with professor Hu!
This seminar was the second in the series of prof. Hu seminars in this year in which he will teach his qigong-system, Daoyin Kangyang Fang.
Many, many thanks to professor Hu for his profound teaching, Choy Linlin-Diana for excellent translation, all participitants for coming, Hu Ting for organizing and Zhang as being a model student! The event was really ejoyable with lot of infromation in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere!
Next seminar is 13.-14.3.

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