Seasonal training Summer-Heart

According to Five Element Theory, summer is the best season to nurse your heart among 4 seasons, the high incidence of cardiovascular disease as well. So the doing the trainings that target to heart in summer will get the best effect.Well, from Chinese Medicine Theory, there are 3 causes of cardiovascular disease, and principles to prevent and relieve that based on these causes.·

Causes 1 is according to the meridian theory – Heart meridian and pericardium meridian is obstructed. ·

Principle 1 – Clear the two meridians. Let the Qi and blood go smoothly through heart meridian and pericardium meridian.·

Causes 2 is according to the Five Elements theory – The heart corresponds to the fire and the liver corresponds to the wood. Heart fire is born from liver wood. If Yang of liver is too high and Yin of liver is low, the heart fire would go up and grow, leading the heart disease, like high blood pressure. ·

Principle 2 – Lower and control the Yang of liver, then repress heart fire.·

Causes 3 is also according to the Five Elements theory – The kidneys corresponds to the water and restrain the heart fire. If someone lack kidney Qi would cause heart fire highly grow. Then it will lead to cardiovascular disease.·

Principle 3 – Nourish kidneys Qi to restrain the heart fire.

Every form of Dao Yin Kang Yang Heart Stance Training is designed to follow those principles to prevent and relieve from heart disease.For example, in the video, the first form Open the Lao Gong Acupoint, is created for clear pericardium meridian; the second form Focus Your Mind on Yong Quan Acupoint, is created for up the kidney water and lower the heart fire. Besides, this stance training is designed to keep the mind lower the chest. So the Qi and breathe will hard to go upward that avoids the extremely high Yang Qi, arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis.

Dao Yin Kang Yang Stance Training is effectively prevent and control Coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocarditis, hyperlipidemia, arrhythmia, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.