Finland Oulu HXF Seminar 10.-12.5.2024

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Professor Hu Xiaofei will arrive in Oulu to hold a seminar on May 10-12, 2024 teaching his routine for Strengthening the Spleen and Muscles.

The Guiding Technique of Strengthening the Spleen and Strengthening Muscles was created by Hu Xiaofei, a professor and doctoral supervisor at Beijing Sport University. This exercise is based on the causes and pathologies of spleen and stomach diseases such as muscle weakness and muscle weakness in the elderly, and is compiled using ancient and modern Daoyin theories and methods.

This exercise can help improve the function of the spleen and stomach, prevent and treat digestive system diseases, and can prevent and treat epigastric pain, gastric ulcers, gastroptosis, etc.

This exercise has the characteristics of: gentle movement, simple and elegant, following the meridians, smoothing the whole body, stretching the muscles and pulling out the bones, moving on the fingers and toes, injecting Qi into the tip joints, integrating movement and breath, correcting the form and concentrating the mind, etc. It is good for regulating intestinal bacteria. It has a good effect on preventing digestive diseases, muscle atrophy, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, delaying aging and preventing falls in middle-aged and elderly people.

The course program is as follows:
Fri 10.5. from 18-21 o'clock
Saturday and Sunday 11.-12.5. 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

You can also participate online, same time and prices via Zoom.
Participants get a link to zoom via email 2 days before the seminar starts.

Seminar Recordings are available to participants after the seminar.
The price of the entire seminar is 160 euros.You can also participate in the course remotely via Zoom, same prices and times.After the course, the course participants will receive the seminar recordings for review.The teaching language of the seminar is English.

Saturday there is a joint dinner with prof. With Hu in Hai Long Chinese Restaurant, Oulu, Finland.

Cordially Welcome!

Aki Korhonen
HXF International School, Organizer

N.B. This Excercise is not meant to replace medical supervision or care. Always consult a medical doctor in case of illness.
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